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Of course you do…

Most Dentists we speak with have the same problems.
Inefficient processes to both send and receive referrals.
RecordLinc is the largest network of dental professionals in the world.

  • Connect with dental colleagues
  • Simplify your referral process
  • Grow your practice
  • Save money on wasted time spent
    by office staff doing things the "old
    way". Send and receive electronic referrals, transfer patients, and
    secure patient data while meeting HIPAA compliance for your

  • Step into the 21st Century with your practice today and take our offer for a


    of RecordLinc.Don't let your local competitors
    get an edge…

  • Connect
  • Simplify
  • Growth
  • Bohannan
    The best thing about RecordLinc is that it is an easy way to communicate with all parties involved while treating my patients. It also allows us to transfer information in a HIPAA compliant manners. Dr. Bruce Bohannan (Oral Surgeon)
  • Greg Ray
    RecordLinc allows us to better communicate with the various specialists we work with so we don't get the calls asking, "can you send us a copy of that x-ray again”. Dr. Greg Ray (General Dentist)